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Our Services

Ivan Fairless Electrical Services is a highly flexible and responsive service provider, able to deal with a wide range of customer requirements from the patient and personal service requirements of our domestic customers to the highly technical and safety critical needs of our industrial ones.

Domestic Services

Ivan Fairless Electrical Services provides a wide range of services to our domestic customers.

Highly responsive and flexible in our approach to our customer needs, we have a longstanding reputation for providing a quality service at sensible prices.

We deliver our services in plain english - we do not try to baffle our customers with science. In fact we even have discounts available for electrical surveys that do not require highly technical additional information and you will get the fee back if you decide afterwards to use our services to correct any problems that might be found.

These more straightforward surveys can be especially useful if there is concern over the age of wiring, lighting, fuse boxes etc. They can be used to support a decision to rewire, or replace electrical components. Typically we find them useful when extensions are being built, or kitchens refitted as they often form the basis for ensuring the electrical part of the job is costed on a professional basis.

Not all surveys can be so simple of course, and so we also provide fully comprehensive technical reports that can be used for certification, or survey purposes, to support a house sale.

As part of our domestic services, we have a rare specialism of installing night storage heating. This type of equipment can reduce the overall electrical bill, but where it comes in especially useful is in rural areas where gas supplies are not available. Installation of this type of equipment is not as difficult as you might expect and we often complete installations the same day as the initial enquiry.

Ivan Fairless Electrical Services is a professional electrical contractor and as such we may not always be the cheapest. However, we always aim to be the best value. We do this by supplying high quality equipment certified with the British Standards kitemark and undertaking service work and installations that we are not afraid to return to.

We believe our long standing business of 43 years is a testament to that professionalism and the substantial amount of repeat business we obtain from past satisfied customers would seem to support that belief.

Commercial Services

In the commercial world there is no doubting that time is money and an electrical fault, or power outage, that stops an office working is a one that can cost an awful lot more than the fee to have it diagnosed and repaired.

It is in this world that the responsiveness of Ivan Fairless Electrical Services really pays dividends. We understand very well the need to respond quickly to electrical emergencies and have the expertise and experience to quickly fault find, diagnose and rectify problems once on site.

Of course it is much better if emergencies do not occur in the first place and Ivan Fairless Electrical Services also undertakes PAT testing to ensure the safety of electrical installation, equipment and wiring.

The ongoing development of our customers is also something of particular concern and we also provide advice and support on the electrical infrastructure of commercial premises as new electrical demands become apparent as the business grows. This helps to prevent dangerous 'organic' type growth of fuse/circuit boxes which may lead to more than just an outage.

This work is on 3 phase supply as well as normal domestic style single phase as, even in office environments, the loads handled can be very high.

We support a full range of commercial customers, from large offices down to a rental property. Rental properties have a special consideration with legal requirements on landlords to have the property electrically tested every 5 years. For certain types of rented properties (for example those rented to students), we often recommend earlier testing for the safety and liability coverage of all concerned.

Within legal limits, Ivan Fairless Electrical Services can provide the testing an associated Landlord Certification whatever the agreed testing period.

Beyond the electrical work, we also fit fire alarm systems, telephone and data points and data circuits which allows us to supply a full electrical support service to our commercial customers.

Industrial Services

Our industrial work is dominated by the heavy demands of machinery which means a great deal of this work is involving 3 phase supply.

With larger levels of power comes more safety requirements and so installations usually involve the use of armoured cabling and additional safety provisions on any installation, or service work.

Perhaps even more so than in the commercial arena, a stopped machine in the middle of a production run can prove to be very expensive and so the speedy and responsive service provided by Ivan Fairless Electrical Services can prove to be highly cost effective. We also understand the need to operate around the production schedule and so our industrial work often requires weekend hours, or arranging to work within any customer shutdown periods for holidays.

Industrial work is usually highly technical we therefore also offer a pre-service consulation to ensure that all considerations have been taken into account with respect to electrical demand, production and safety before any costs are supplied, or work can begin.

As an additional specialism, we also fit air conditioning units into industrial permises enhancing the overall service we provide to our industrial customers.